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Peanut Buttah Bones
Our best seller!  We use a tasty gluten-free flour blend and natural peanut butter that will have your pupper begging for more of these healthy (shhh) treats! CONTAINS FLAX SEED TO PROMOTE SUPERMODEL COATS!

Please specify small, large, or extra large bones (or other seasonal shapes).
Turkey Bacon Treasures
Does your doggo think EVERYTHING has to have meat? We have the solution! Natural peanut butter and Turkey Bacon are the perfectly nommable power couple.

Shipping is free on all products.
Sweet Potato Snacks
Your dog will have a hard time resisting these FAT FREE, naturally sweet, chew treats!  The ingredients are right in the name: 100% sweet potatoes.  These meat-free treats are a healthy alternative to rawhide and are easily digested.
Vegan approved.
Chopper's Pet Burger Bites
Protein rich beef organ meat sourced from Graze The Prairie's Grass Fed Cattle is a true drool maker! Your dog can't get enough of these tasty bites!
Chicken Liver Tiny Treats
Made with chicken liver and duck fat, these meaty morsels are faves to pups in training and our furiendly finicky felines!
CBD Treats
CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring constituent found in industrial hemp. It may help your pet(s) that suffer with the following symptoms:
anxiety, pain/inflammation, seizures, itching, and more.* Please contact us if you have questions about CBD.

*Statements not evaluated by the FDA or AVMA
Barknanas are all the rage for your half rabbit / half monkey doggos (recently, customers have reported happy bun-buns and shaking of the tail feathers in other species). Carrots and bananas are sure to satisfy your creature's cravings!
Add Turmeric? (Good for joint paint, arthritis, etc)
Yes No
Tail Mix *NEW*
Tailmix has a little something for everyone going on in the bag! We think your pupper is sure to enjoy a medley of sweet potatoes, apples, grass fed beef liver, and chicken liver. This nutrient dense snack is always a win!